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In 2006, elections were held for the Palestinian Authority, which included Judea, Samaria, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. In the elections, Hamas won by a landslide majority of 74 seats to 45 seats for Fatah, and a government was formed under the authority of Ismail Haniyeh.


Following violent riots between Hamas and Fatah members, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas decided to fire Ismail Haniyeh. In response, Hamas killed and expelled Fatah members and took control of the Gaza Strip.


Full distruction of Israel "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (Hamas covenant)


October 7, 2023 The Palestinians penetrated from Gaza into Israel in three waves and massacred about 1,000 Israelis. First, invaded members of the well-trained and armed Nukhba Force armed with Iranian-supplied weapons who blew up the border fence. They are followed by those holding weapons, followed by Palestinian civilians, some of whom have no weapons at all. They stormed a dance party held at Kibbutz Re'im and massacred the revellers. About 100 Palestinians infiltrated Kibbutz Be'eri. In front of them stood 6 defenders who were murdered by the Palestinians. The Palestinians murdered 100 members of the kibbutz, including dozens of children. They used burning tires to set fire to the houses and burned them on their occupants. Raped mothers in front of their children. Children were beheaded and children were put in an oven in front of their mothers. In places where only the pen reached Palestinians, such as Yad Mordechai and Zikim, the Israeli defenders succeeded in killing the invading terrorists. After the massacre, the invaders called their parents and boasted of the action to their parents, who praised them and asked them to continue. The invading Palestinians, led by Hamas, have abducted some 240 Israelis into Gaza, including the elderly, young children, women and men, whom they hold in tunnels under Gaza hospitals.


During the first hours the attackers were confronted by alert squads in the communities, police forces and soldiers who remained at the army base for the holiday. Police, security forces and fighters from various units and voloteers stopped the 4000 invadors. Many of them were killed. After prolonged fighting against the terrorists that infiltrated Israel's borders, and releasing the hostages held in Israel from the Gaza hijackers An emergency government and a war cabinet were established in Israel. Together with the heads of the IDF, it was decided to dismantle Hamas. In the first days of the war, Israel's reserve forces were mobilized 300,000 soldiers (the largest mobilization ever in Israel's history) It is intended to deter Hezbollah, the dominant force in Lebanon and Iran. Many citizens joined the effort: donating money, homes volunteering in harvesting near the border For the benefit of civilians injured or evacuated from combat zones. The IDF began airstrikes on Hamas bases and tunnels, killing many senior members of the organization. Hamas launches missiles daily at civilians in Israeli towns and villages. Most of the missiles are stopped by Iron Dome. The IDF distributed leaflets to Gaza residents to evacuate to the south, where they would be provided with medical services, water and food. After the action of the aircrafts and artillery, the combat engineering units entered to dismantle the charges and mines. Then the fighters entered the tunnels and attack Hamas members. The heads of the Hamas commanders, meanwhile, are hiding in tunnels beneath hospitals and refusing to release abductees with children, women, the elderly and sick. Some have American or French citizenship.


Gaza is one of the oldest cities in the world, it is already mentioned in the Bible and in the writings of the ancient Egyptians. Samson, the hero mentioned in the Book of Judges, uprooted the gates of Gaza, which was then inhabited by tribes that came from Crete called the Philistines. They have nothing to do with the Arabs living in Gaza today. In Gaza there is a tomb called Shimshon's Tomb. According to the biblical story, after the Philistines pierced Samson's eyes, they led him to a temple in Gaza He brought him down on himself and the Philistines, saying, "Let my soul die with the Philistines."
In the Israeli prophetic literature, for example, with Amos who lived about 2700 years ago Amos prophesied: "And I sent fire through the wall of Gaza and ending its palaces." Zephaniah prophesies about Gaza:"for gaza shell be deserted" The Hasmoneans, who were the kings of the Jews 2100 years ago, conquered Gaza. Jews lived in Gaza even in the fourth century and it is even mentioned in the Talmud. Gaza has a synagogue from the Late Roman (Byzantine) period.
Gaza was conquered by the Arabs in 638 CE, after which it was conquered by the Mamluks. Jews have always lived in Gaza, and in 630 Nathan the Gazan proclaimed Shabtai Zvi as the Messiah, 100 years later Rabbi Moshe Najara lived there, and finally In the 18th century, it was conquered by Napoleon. In 1917, the British army stormed Gaza but was forced to retreat from the Turkish army, but on November 2 Gaza fell into British hands. Gaza City has recovered.
In the partition plan of the Land of Israel between Jews and Arabs, Gaza was supposed to be part of the Arab state But the Arabs rejected the compromise and Egypt occupied and controlled Gaza. From it, its residents emerged and harmed the surrounding Jewish settlements In 1956, Israel occupied the Gaza Strip but left after a short time.
In the Six-Day War, Egypt threatened to occupy all of Israel, but Israel reconquered Gaza and held it for 27 years. In 1993, as part of the Oslo Accords, Yasser Arafat, members of the PLO and Islamic Jihad were brought from Yemen and Tunisia. In order to control Gaza under the Oslo Accords, Israel hoped to put an end to the conflict between Israel and Gaza. However, terrorist attacks against Israel immediately began, and later missiles were fired at Israeli communities.
One of the most prominent leaders was Sheikh Yassin, who decided to establish a new movement called Hamas, whose goal was to destroy Israel and harm its inhabitants. Some believed that the terror from Gaza was because of the Jewish communities that existed there, and in 2005 the then Prime Minister of Israel decided Ariel Sharon on the destruction of all Jewish communities in Gaza and handing over the land to Yasser Arafat, calling this plan the "Disengagement Plan." Under Yasser Arafat, Hamas prospered and became the main and most popular force in the Gaza Strip.